How to stage your apartment for a quick condo sale?

Tuesday Jan 25th, 2022


Selling a condo can be quite challenging! If you have been keen on selling the condo unit that you won, then your first and foremost goal must be to make your condo appear as presentable and spacious as possible without spending a lot of money. You could as well hire a local professional Home Stager who would help you market your property in the best way possible. 

The key lies in having an objective eye. However, this can be hard to do when you have been surrounded by your own stuff for years. A professional Stager would point out things that you might not have thought of. No matter what the case is, a consultant would guide you in the right direction.  

If you are in a condo and are planning to move away for many reasons, you need to remember that you need to prepare your home accordingly so that it sells in a fraction of time. 

Start with de-cluttering your space 

A small place could appear smaller with needless clutter. If you have children at home, then it is imperative that you have a chest or any other storage pieces for tossing the toys. No home buyers would want to trip over toys or be distracted with mess around. Use storage locker space to put things that could eat your home’s equity.  

Use each room for its intended purpose

Make sure to each room for its intended purpose. If you use your bedroom as a home gym and have turned your dining room into your home office, then you need to make some major changes to your condo. Make sure to invest in a dining room table and use the places appropriately else you are bound to confuse the home buyers while showing them your space. 

Re-arrange the furniture 

It is crucial to organize the furniture appropriately in your space. This will help you maximize the space and use it to its best potential. Some arrangements work the best and are more open and inviting than the others. Try to identify the focal point in the room. Whether it is a large set of windows or a fireplace, make sure to play up with the focal point so the buyers notice it first. Sometimes this could also involve angling furniture, and using rug appropriately.    

Color is the key 

Small spaces always appear smaller whenever painted in bright or dark colors. Hence it is best that you stick to a neutral color palette or opt for pastel shades that can reflect light better and create the illusion of the room being larger. You don’t have to paint each room beige or white. Walls are not the only way you can inject color into your home décor. You can also add it with art, floral arrangements, throw pillows, and more.  

Work with a realtor

Team up with a professional who specializes in selling condos. These realtors know the market inside out and make sure to market your property well and also price your property appropriately. They also know the tactics they need to use and how to stage the property. As condos and apartments have similar layouts, it is important to set your space apart from other properties. Following the tips will help you make a quick condo sale.    

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